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About me:

I am an experienced Counselling Therapist with my main training in Psychosynthesis which is an integrative and transpersonal model. Prior to my counselling training I obtained a degree in Psychology BSc, and engaged in various work for different Mental Health charities and social care, which influenced me a lot about how I would like to be part of the system that helps to tackle and maintain a healthy wellbeing.

Before starting my own private practice as a counsellor I worked in my family business for a few years. I felt closely tied with the ethos of the business which promoted integrating various aspects of spirituality into personal everyday life. Part of my role in the business was to be closely involved with the retreats and workshops run for the particular clientele the business was catering for.   

I have a keen interest in working with Women from Cross Cultural backgrounds, and people who look to get in touch with thier "Confidence" and "Will/Autonomy". Another area of work I enjoy is helping people find their "Purpose", we all often feel we have lost a sense of purpose and need that extra motivation to get up in the morning. Life without Purpose can seem limiting and empty at times, but in therapy when we explore our personalities and move past our "ego/ conditioned personality" structure, we can get in touch with a deeper sense of our core, a more authentic Self, which can unveil a clearer life purpose and direction.    

In addition to Counselling and Psychotherapy I also offer one to one Mindfullness sessions, I also facilitate private workshops for personal growth and sometimes use the same tools and techniques in my therapy sessions to help deepen any process depending on the work with the client. Additionally I co-facilitate in various workshops run for Counsellors in training at the Psychosynthesis Trust.

As part of a charitable organisation I offer Pro Bono counselling sessions for volunteers who have worked in refugee camps, and work with a local charity Halo which works with young children and families suffering from grief of a lost parent/partner.  



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