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Getting to know yourself through Subpersonalities:

Getting to know yourself in a creative way. This workshop will allow you to see your personality in parts so you have a better idea of how and why you do the things you do. In turn it gives us all a better understanding of ourselves and who we are as people. This workshop will be a light introduction to what subpersonalities are and how they function within us all. We will then have the chance to explore and tangibly work with our subpersonalities, giving them expression and listening to what they want to tell us. 


Saturday 17th June 2017.

Time: 10am- 5pm

Please email for more information.

Costs: £85.00 per person.

15 places available.

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Managing Emotions:

This workshop will entail simple methods and ways in which you can become comfortable in dealing with the many emotions we have in our day to day life. We will help to differentiate between the healthy and unhealthy emotions and the means to express them, whilst also finding ways in which you can best express yourself without having to stifle any emotion. After all our emotions are information, this workshop will help you to better understand and read the information our emotions are giving, helping you to give a better expression to life and yourself.


Saturday  28th June 2017 

Time: 10am-5pm

Please email for more information.

Costs: £85.00 Per Person 

15 places available.

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