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Individual Counselling Sessions

What I offer:

I use a comprehensive approach where I incorporate various therapeutic approaches to my work ranging from transpersonal psychology to Jungian, Archetypal, Freudian and Gestalt psychology to name a few. I also bring in mindfulness and other creative ways of working when necessary. I aim to tailor my methods to best work for your needs, which might change over the course of our work together. I aim to maintain a relational connection with clients so that all your concerns can be addrssed openly and recieved empathically.


I offer a safe and confidential space for you to explore the concerns you bring to discuss in a non-judgemental environment. We can discuss any situation which you may find troubling and uncover ways you can better manage or work through these concerns.

Therapy can help with many matters ranging from Relationship Problems, Bereavement, Low Self-esteem, Jealousy, Repeated Patterns of Behaviour and wanting to Know Yourself better.   

A few other issues I work with are:  Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Work Related Stress, Cross Cultural Issues, Lack of Confidence, Abuse.

If you have any issue you'll like to discuss which is not listed above you can get in touch to see if I can still be of help.


I work in London SE1 and in West London UB3. I also offer therapy via phone and skype for those who cannot reach me in person.

I offer Counselling in multiple languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.


Counselling is a process which works on many different levels, whether it’s to facilitate processing difficult emotions, or understanding distorted beliefs we may have learnt about ourselves or the world from past experiences, or creating change in an aspect of our lives be it work or relationships or something else.

Counselling allows space for you to talk about your concerns in a non-judgemental environment and explore them in depth. We often shun or hold back on things we might feel judged about, or may judge ourselves about and this can lead to us not opening up to all of our possibilities because change from what we know isn’t always comfortable.

In counselling we allow for conscious change to take place, whether the change is  to better cope with certain situations, for anxiety, or we want to excel at work and be more confident, or even work through past issues we know hold us back. Counselling can work as a catalyst to help facilitate the change and also allow you to accept and move on organically with a life you choose to want to live for yourself.


Counselling works, but it requires commitment from both Therapist and Client, therefore it is essential to be open in therapy about when you feel like you don't want to face those difficult feelings and resistances you may have towards the better change in your life.


Of course when a Counselling process is taking place it can often feel like it is more difficult than good, as it sometimes requires you to uncover parts of your past which may be holding you back, but it also holds the key to unravel a nicer future you want. 


Either way it still means walking a path you have avoided and really exploring in all its depth until you are able to change your relationship with it on different conscious levels and start working with it so it enables your future.


Additional benefits of Counselling:
• Awareness

• Capacity to regulate difficult emotions

• Having the freedom of choice in your life where you might be stuck

• Get in touch with supressed qualities, such as confidence, healthy self-esteem, self-love

• Engage in a better relationship with yourself and others

• Become more authentic with self and others

Some of the issues I work with are as follows, please note this list is not exhaustive so if you would like to discuss something not listed you can give me a call.




Self-esteem/ Self-worth



Relationship issues

Motivation and Will

Personal Development



Work/life balance





Early childhood trauma/Sexual abuse

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