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This is for people who are looking to explore any particular issue they would like to work with. Once we have an initial consultation and are able to identify what you are hoping to achieve from therapy we can then look at establishing how the grounds for therapy will work. For instance, I require that we meet on a weekly basis (minimum session is once a week) because our psyche needs regularity, therefore if we book to meet on a set time during the week we can start building the right atmosphere where you are able to delve deeper in the process of counselling.


We will commit our time into looking at the particular issues you would like to explore and collectively navigate towards the outcome you choose to have from therapy.


This is for people who wish to resolve relationship issues with a partner (Couple), or a relative such as a parent or sibling (Key Couple). This works similarly to Individual Therapy sessions, as I require we meet a minimum of once a week. In order to keep an unbiased relationship I will ask you both questions in the first meeting to better understand you both individually and as a pair.


I would also like to clarify the aims you both have for therapy so we are all aiming towards the same outcome from therapy. If you both have different objectives from therapy then we will look to integrating both objectives in the aim for the outcome we choose to have. This is usually to find a way to resolve any conflicts and strengthen the relationship in forms of Trust, Love, Commitment, Capacity to hold eachothers differences and experieneces and so on.


In Key/Couple Therapy I not only see you both as a couple or in relationship to one another, I also see you both in your own individual lives and history and how this shapes and affects you in the cuurent relationship. By bringing these aspects alive and into the relationship it allows space for a deeper understanding, higher regard and intimacy towards one another. 


I also look at the conflicts that arise in the relationship and rather than looking over these conflicts, I bring the conflict to surface to resolve it by expanding on your communication skills whilst changing the communication and listening patterns so you form a deeper understanding and resolve towards one another.


 Some of the issues which I regularly work with in Couples therapy is: Infedelity/Affairs, Working through bereavement, Sexual problems pertaining to one or both partners, Lack of connection, Improving ways of Communicaion, Childhood abuse affecting your relationship.


In Key Cpouples I often work with Parent and Child, Sibliings.  



Mindfullness is a meditation style traditionally practiced in the Bhuddist faith. The principle of Mindfullness meditation is not to achieve a state of complete Consciousness. It does however, help you expland your awareness and capacity to hold your thoughts and feelings with more space and a more relaxed and mamagable pace. Sometimes we can find ourselves acting from a place of autopilot, our reactions and day to day activities become instictual and often "robotic".


Mindfullness, enables us to be conscious in our day to day tasks, whether thats eating, breathing, travelling to work, or wherever. The act of Mindfullness allows us to be more "Mindful" and therefore more "present" in our own lives rather than having a whole day speed by.


Mindfullness helps with many problems such as Anxiety, Stress, Depression. I often use Mindfullness techniques in my therapy sessions as and when needed. However, for those who choose to emabrk on an eight week course of Mindfullness meditation I offer one to one sessions of guided Mindfullness Meditation.

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