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Counselling & Psychotherapy

If you are going through any difficulty and would like to discuss this with someone you can contact me. No issue is too big or too small, all issues are welcome and all are equally valid. Whatever difficulty you are having we can talk it through. I aim to work through your difficulty with you and find the potential and growth in each issue.

I am an experienced Counselling therapist and I offer Individual and Couples therapy and Mindfulness sessions in London SE1 and UB3.

I work with an open contract which means we can take as much time needed for you to work on any particular issue and get to the core of the problem so we can have permanent change if that is what is needed.

I also work on a time selective contract for a temporary issue a client might choose to discuss.

I offer Counselling fluently in English,
Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.


To have a better understanding of some of the issues I work with you can click on the links below.


Nakita Jangra

I am an experienced Counselling Therapist with my main training in Psychosynthesis which is an integrative and transpersonal model. Prior to my counselling training I obtained a degree in Psychology BSc and engaged in various work for different Mental Health charities and social care, which influenced me a lot about how I would like to be part of the system that helps to tackle and maintain a healthy wellbeing.


I use a comprehensive approach where I incorporate various therapeutic approaches to my work ranging from transpersonal psychology to Jungian, Archetypal, Freudian and Gestalt psychology to name a few.


Couples and Key Couples Therapy

This is for people who wish to resolve relationship issues with a partner (Couple), or a relative such as a parent or sibling (Key Couple).

This works similarly to Individual Therapy sessions, as I require we meet a minimum of once a week.



Mindfulness is traditionally an Eastern religious practice in which the breath and body are used as tools to slow the mind and expand our awareness of the here and now in our lives. The techniques of Mindfulness, have been tested by scientists around the globe and are now used in mainstream Healthcare and also becoming part of mainstream Education.




Getting to know yourself through sub-personalities

Getting to know yourself in a creative way. The workshop will allow you to see your personality in parts so you have a better idea of how and why you do the things you do. In turn it gives us all a better understanding of ourselves and who we are as people.


The workshop's will be a light introduction to what subpersonalities are and how they function within us all. We will then have the chance to explore and tangibly work with our sub-personalities, giving them expression and listening to what they want to tell us. 

Nakita Logo.jpg
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